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VyaPay Added To The Visa Global Registry of Service Providers

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

PCI Level 1 Service Provider

According to Visa, “Ongoing compliance with PCI DSS is critical to maintaining a strong defense against compromises of cardholder data."

Payment Facilitator, VyaPay, has been added to Visa’s Global Registry of Service Providers for 2020.  Acceptance to this list of Global providers is restricted to those Visa approved companies who have met the highest security standards and achieved PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance. VyaPay is a PCI Level 1 Service Provider.

According to Visa, “Ongoing compliance with PCI DSS is critical to maintaining a strong defense against compromises of cardholder data. We urge you to diligently review your security policies, practices and infrastructure frequently to prevent, detect and correct any anomalies in your security program. Please note that Visa requires revalidation every 12 months. We encourage you to share your compliance status with your clients. Your presence on the Registry provides your clients and prospective clients with confidence in your service and confirms that you take security seriously, potentially setting you apart from your competitors.”

The Visa Global Registry of Service Providers (the Registry), located at (http://www.visa.com/onthelist) acknowledges service providers that have shown their commitment to security by meeting the requirements of the PCI Standard. Merchants should ensure that any product they utilize when accepting credit card payments is present on the list. In addition to these high-security standards, VyaPay also employs certified QIRs (Qualified Integrator and Resellers) for installations so the highest security practices are followed when the VyaPay payment solution is installed.  

Merchants can feel secure with their chosen payment solution by confirming their selected payment product is on the Visa list of approved vendors and the solution is installed by a PCI Security Council QIR. Merchants are liable for protecting cardholder information so employing these resources will make them more secure and help avoid breaches in the future.

VyaPay is a secure PCI Level 1 payment facilitator gateway that businesses use to process a variety of electronic payments (e.g. VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, ACH, eChecks, international payments, 3DS Secure, 3DSv2) online and in-person. To learn more, contact VyaPay at www.vyapay.com or call 1-833-4-VYAPAY.

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